Download Election Day 2022 Lyrics

Musicians and their fans need to help elect local and national candidates who care about the rights and needs of our whole population. Below you will find a tool for identifying candidates in your state. I have also given links to some national candidates. Even the smallest contributions make a difference. I contribute to Beto O’Rourke in Texas, Mothers Against Greg Abbott, Cheryl Beasley in North Carolina, as well as Stacy Abrams and Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia. I believe their victories will positively impact women’s rights and the fairness of future elections across the country.

To identify and contribute to candidates and issues in your home state check out:

To support Beto O’Rourke for Texas Governor visit:

To hear Beto’s comments about the massacre at Uvalde, visit:

To support Mothers Against Greg Abbott:

To support Stacey Abrams’ campaign for Georgia Governor go to:

To support Dr. Raphael Warnock for reelection to the US Senate:

To support Cheryl Beasley, former Chief Justice of North Carolina, for the US Senate visit: