These songs take you into a different world with the visual details of a longhorn ranch in If You Say No, the tornado that tore apart the town of Jarrell, or the stages of a journey across North Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi in Friends I Left Behind. Other times the picture isn’t as clear but the images make oblique reference to things like an earlier era of Austin in If Time Was Made of Doors, or the blues of an incoherent relationship in Could You Love Me. There is also room for comedy in songs like Tacos, The Dumbest Game, and Live By Your Word, with room to laugh at the world while experiencing its capacity to wound. Other songs like Find It, One Step Up and Sometimes the Trains Don’t Roll operate in a more broadly emotional realm. Just as the musical style of each song is different, so is its mental territory, including a celebration of unpredictable possibilities in the soul anthem Book of Love.

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